In The Life: Helping Survivors Find Hope with 4Sarah

Throughout his career, attorney Pat McDonough of Andersen, Tate & Carr has built strong relationships with key members of the legal community, but it is his community involvement through The United Way that merged his professional career with his drive to help those in need. While serving the homeless community, Pat recognized the epidemic that plagues so many cities across the country – Sex Trafficking. 

In his journey to help those who’ve survived human trafficking, Pat has had the honor to work with many non-profits whose mission aligns with his pursuit of justice. One such organization is 4Sarah.

4Sarah’s mission “is to empower change in the life direction of women and girls who are adult entertainers, prostitutes, escorts, porn stars, or victims of sex trafficking by offering a holistic approach as well as an educational, emotional, physical, and spiritual support.”

4Sarah offers several programs that aim to help victims of sex trafficking and women trying to exit the sex industry:

Assessment House Program – Provides a short term, safe, and healthy living environment for adult women, pregnant women and/or women with children seeking to exit the sex industry.

Care Team Program – Connects women and girls working in the sex industry with committed relationships with concerned adult women.

Intervention Program – Connects women and girls seeking to exit the sex industry with a system of care.

Outreach Program – Builds trusting and non-judgmental relationships with women and girls working in the sex industry as strippers, prostitutes, escorts, or victims of sex trafficking through outreaches into their work environment.

Scholarship Program – Offers quarterly scholarships to women and girls who want to exit the sex industry and who seek continuing education or new job skills training.

Additionally, 4Sarah hosts events to raise awareness and educate the population on this growing industry and promote those who join their organization in the fight against human trafficking. To learn more about 4Sarah, visit their website.

If you know someone who has been a victim of the sex trade, experienced trial attorney Pat McDonough can help them find justice. Mr. McDonough seeks civil justice by going after hotels and motels that provide safe haven for traffickers. There are no costs to the survivor. Reach out for your free, 100% confidential, consultation.

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