Tabitha’s House | Providing Resources to Children, Adolescents, and Adults Affected by Sex Trafficking

In 2005, the FBI investigated which of its field offices saw the highest levels of child prostitution based on direct sources, information provided by numerous local and state law enforcement agencies, and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). The bureau found that 14 cities stood apart with noticeably high numbers of children being sold for sex crimes — Atlanta being one of them. 


During his efforts to serve the homeless community in cities across Georgia, Andersen, Tate & Carr attorney Pat McDonough observed the severity of this horrendous crime.   Through his volunteer work he has learned about dedicated rescue organizations that provide counseling and recovery resources to survivors. One of these organizations is Tabitha’s House, located in Buford, Georgia.


Who is Tabitha’s House?

Tabitha’s House is a 501(c)3 organization designed to support sex trafficking survivors by providing residential accommodations, mental health counseling, intervention, and assisting with daily life skills. Their programs and resources include:


  • Fresh AIR Program – They aim to bring fresh AIR (awareness, impact, and restoration) to communities through rescue, rehabilitation, and restoration of individuals, families, and communities.
    • Awareness – This is the first step in combatting the cycle of human trafficking. Through training, advocacy, and community forums, Tabitha’s House prepares parents, schools, neighbors, business owners, law enforcement, and policymakers to recognize signs and symptoms associated with exploitation. By increasing awareness, children, adolescents, and adults are equipped to recognize the warning signs.
    • Impact – Areas highly affected by trafficking are often those of high crime and high poverty. Alleviating this issue can impact the entire community. Tabitha’s House works to help drive out crime in these areas to help establish economic renewal and harmony within the community. 
    • Restoration – For those who have been rescued from the sex industry, Tabitha’s House provides aftercare services to equip and support survivors on their journey to healing. 
  • Resources Page – Tabitha’s House has created a list of local and national organizations, hotlines, and other resources for survivors to find the help they need. This page also answers FAQs about sex trafficking, provides statistics about the crime and survivors, and a list of common terms used by people involved in the commercial exploitation of children.
  • Advocate Training – As part of their mission to raise awareness about the realities and warning signs of sex trafficking, Tabitha’s House offers advocate training to any individuals who want to learn more about the issue and spread the word.


Lastly, Tabitha’s House is currently planning a residential facility located in the Atlanta metro area. Currently, there are very few main homes for young girls escaping the domestic sex trafficking of minors. As a result, many victims are being retained in juvenile detention centers or foster homes. Similarly, transitional living facilities are limited and additional residential facilities are needed for women (ages 18 – 30).


Learn how you can assist Tabitha’s House in their efforts to end the vicious cycle of sex trafficking in Atlanta here.


If you know someone who has been a victim of sex trafficking, experienced trial attorney Pat McDonough can help them find justice. Mr. McDonough seeks civil justice by going after hotels and motels that provide safe haven for traffickers. There are no costs to the survivor. Reach out for your free, 100% confidential, consultation: 404.490.2269 |

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