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Thousands are forced or coerced into the sex industry every single day – having their dignity and their voices stolen from them. You are not alone. We help you fight for the resources you need to start over. We demand accountability from the businesses who benefited from your abuse. We support you – safely, confidentially, and without any upfront costs.

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    Our Comprehensive Approach

    We are on a mission to help sex trafficking victims get compensation from the companies who financially benefited from their victimization.

    Led by Pat McDonough, we’re a multi-faceted team of attorneys, therapists, private investigators, and other experts – trained to understand how to work with you while protecting your safety and confidentiality.

    Supported by our local team and nationwide network, we’re able to provide the resources you need based on your unique situation.

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    From “Surviving” To “Thriving”

    Human trafficking is a $9.8 billion industry in the U.S. alone – including the countless businesses that profited from your abuse:

    • Online classified ads – like Backpage
    • Digital marketing tools – like Salesforce
    • Social media platforms – like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat
    • Private businesses – like massage parlors and clubs
    • Travel companies – like hotels, motels, and truck stops

    Together, we can take a stand against these companies – pressuring them to change their corrupt behaviors and getting you compensation to help you reclaim your life.

    You have a 10-year period to file a lawsuit

    Reaching out to us today doesn’t mean you need to take any further action right now (or ever). If you decide to file a lawsuit, your confidentiality is our top priority. You deserve the resources you need to get out of the life and start a new chapter. None of this was your fault.

    Your name will be protected and you’ll be listed as Jane Doe.

    It’s natural to question whether any of this applies to you. Here’s why you have the right to take legal action:

    1. Being forced to perform any sexual act against your will is a crime. Whether they used physical force or manipulation, they are criminals – you are not.
    2. Any minor who is lured into prostitution or paid sex work is the victim of a crime under U.S. law. It doesn’t matter how you got there or who pulled you in.
    3. Being lied to and saying yes to a job (such as being a model, actress, masseuse, or anything else) does not mean this is your fault.
    4. The pimp who controlled you is just a small part of bigger picture. There’s a whole network of people and businesses who profited from your abuse.
    5. Online companies, hotels, truck stops, etc., that made money by looking the other way or encouraging sex trafficking are legally responsible, too.

    Sex Trafficking Takes Many Forms

    Human trafficking doesn’t always look the same, and many victims don’t realize that is what’s happening to them.

    If any of these apply to you, you may be entitled to compensation:

    • Were you forced or coerced to perform sexual acts in a hotel, motel, massage parlor, or other business?
    • Were you contacted by someone online – via social media or email – that brought you into the life?
    • Did you answer an advertisement that promised a modeling, acting, nannying, or other type of job?
    • Did “clients” find you because of advertisements on Backpage or other websites?

    Many companies directly support or at least look the other way to trafficking because they’re making money from it.  These companies are breaking the law.

    You can file a lawsuit up to 10 years after the crime occurred. Lawsuits are currently pending against Backpage, Facebook, Salesforce, Instagram, and numerous hotel chains.  After we analyze your case, we’ll decide whether it’s in your best interest to join one of these current lawsuits or file a new one.

    Remember, your confidentiality is our top priority. If you choose to file a lawsuit, your identity is kept secret and you are listed as Jane Doe.

    It’s free and safe to talk to us.


    “I was in the life. I am now at a very good place and ready to hold those accountable who profited from this horrible industry. More importantly, I want to do what I can to help others that are caught up in the life. I have met with Pat and his team at multiple times. He is truly committed and trustworthy.”

    - Survivor, Jane Doe

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