"I was in the life for years. It never occurred to me I would even have a case. Susan Norris suggested I contact Pat. His team is great. They really understand the life. Their team is laser focused on suing hotels and web sites that profited off of people in the life. The team really cares. Everything is 100% confidential. If they file a lawsuit it is filed under Jane Doe. I trust them completely."

- Survivor, Jane Doe



"I have bounced back and forth in and out of the life, but this is the first time I think I will get out and stay out. I know Pat’s team is looking out for me. Anyone in the recovery world will tell you, you can trust Pat’s team. If there is a way to get compensated, they will pursue it tirelessly."

- Survivor, Jane Doe



"At age 17 I was arrested as a trafficker, when I was really a victim. Pat’s team has taken my case and is preparing a suit against the hotel where I was trafficked. Pat’s team is a life saver."

- Survivor, Jane Doe



"Thank you so much for your excitement around pursuing civil justice. We are so very appreciative of the time, energy, and heart you are pouring into this process and we are honored to serve alongside you and your team."

- Kelsi Deel
Director of House of Cherith, Rescue



"Pat and his team were instrumental in drafting legislation to fight human trafficking here in Georgia. Their efforts were tireless and passion undeniable."

- Heather Stockdale
Georgia Cares



"I have worked side by side with Pat over the past 3 years in human trafficking. His mission to hold the businesses accountable that profit from trafficking our young is commendable and makes a difference. This specialized team of civil attorneys are clearly top notch, but even more they are trust worthy and have the survivors best interest at heart. I recommend this team to anyone seeking compensation and justice."

- Norwood Davis
Chairman, Street Grace


"Pat was introduced to me by others deeply committed to helping survivors of sex trafficking. After meeting with Pat and others on his team, I felt confident to introduce them to survivors we serve. While their mission is to go after those in the hospitality industry who have benefited from the trafficking of others, they have also assisted our survivors with court cases and other legal issues they have. It is wonderful to have them as a partner in the fight against sex trafficking."

- Susan Norris
Founder/Executive Director of Rescuing Hope


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